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Fine Art Wedding Books

Your wedding photos are too precious to be left sitting on a dusty abandoned hard drive in your bottom drawer. I know as you do the dread of task of inviting ALL the relatives over to look at your wedding photos. The headache of tracking down the projector screen from the back of the garage, cramming all your sweaty cousins onto your new lounge and letting their bratty kids spill drinks all over the carpet in your first home. Then there’s the tricky technology which you can never control to give you the perfect slideshow time for 500+ images, too long and the nephews will start running a muck and breaking those nice cups you got for a wedding gift.. too short and Granny will forever be yelling out, “Slow down, I liked that last one! go back!

If only there was a simple and easy way to present and preserve your photos beautifully in a way that makes it easy to show them off to your family and friends. Thankfully I know some guys in America that make the most beautiful fine art wedding books. I think they’re the coolest things ever. They’re thick and trendy and even smell amazing. They’re tough as nails and will comfortably outlast your lifetime. I can’t recommend albums enough to my clients. This is an album I made for Tim & Amanda recently.


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Jonathan Connolly - Hey where did you get this custom wood box from? Love the look of it!

Roxy Allan - Hi Joshua,

Whoa. I have just spent some time drooling over Tim and Amanda’s fine art wedding book and couldn’t help myself but to get in touch. Your work is just beautiful.

I’m a journo in SA and recently married the bloke of my dreams. One of my colleagues photographed our day and we’re just stoked with the images. My big mission now, though, is to research coffee table-style books in which we can showcase our pics.

I understand you probably only compile fine art wedding books for clients, but I wondered if I might be so cheeky as to ask which business in the US you use?

If, however, we could order a fine art book through you we’d love to look into that!

Thanks so much for your time. I understand it is a very busy time of year for all those in the wedding industry so absolutely no dramas should you not be able to respond.

Kind regards,

ag - It’s look beautiful, the wooden box with such a lovely engraver, wow! Great job, guys! 🙂

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