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Melanie & Adam {Audley Dance Hall Wedding}

Let’s set the scene shall we. We’re in the second National Park in the world (After Yellowstone in the United States) It’s 35 degrees celsius. You could have cooked an egg on the bonnet of my car or probably on any surface outside it felt like… I step out of my air conditioned car to walk 10 metres to the little cottage the boys are staying in and immediately feel the sweat beading on my forehead. I can tell the shirt isn’t going to be worn again already.

But there’s a storm coming. As there often is on a summer afternoon in Australia. But the storm we witnessed this day was not just the culmination of dark clouds, thunder crashes and stinging rain. It was the culmination of 10 years of romantic entanglement between Adam and Melanie… the culmination of their lives melting together in the heat, their differences, their entire stories now all tangled up in oneness. Celebrated in such wonderful style that really was the perfect setting for their 10 year anniversary. I think it might be hard to top this Anniversary for them in the coming years but for people with love as rare as these two share I am sure they will only build on the magnificence of their wedding day in the years to come. This was just the beginning..

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