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Joel & Bridgette {Tasmanian Adventure Elopement}

Six; hours of driving, five; magnificent mountain lakes, four; photo locations, three: hours of hiking, two people in love, one; epic elopement

This was by far the most adventure packed day I’ve ever been involved in with camera in hand. It will never get old charging up hiking trails with a beautiful bride and groom while proper serious hikers in their crazy hiking gear and walking poles look on with disbelief. Joel & Bridgette I think you guys officially win the award for most brave and adventurous couple I think I’ve ever photographed thus far. Running off to Tasmania with you guys to capture your elopement was so so special and I’m forever grateful that you chose me to be a part of such an intimate occasion. I do forgive you for the sore legs I had the next day after that intense hike but I think the photos we got just made it so worth while.


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