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My name is Joshua Mikhaiel, and I am a storyteller.

Storytelling is something we all do, all the time. It’s a way in which we understand ourselves, how we narrate our world. We are the only creature that does it – nothing else on the planet are like the tellers of stories… We are the story-telling animal.

Families have family stories. Nations have national stories. As for me, I tell Love stories, and I tell them through images. It is the most intimate and creative way I know to capture the heart of the most satisfying stories of all. Love stories triumph over all other genres; they are raw, genuine, precious, and bring out the most beautiful of all emotion. I think I’ve always been a storyteller, from writing and illustrating imaginary stories as a small child to my university studies in Journalism and Graphic Design. I have come to understand that whilst words offer us the narration of life, photographs offer the image and entity of life itself.

I know that no two love stories are ever the same, so I won’t try to tell your story the same way as I would tell someone else’s. The inspiration for my work is what is in front of me, not merely a checklist of photos for the day. The more I travel, the more I see the different cultures and contexts that inform different Love Stories. Whilst based in NSW, Australia, I am always keen to travel and document places around the globe that teach and inspire and transform. No matter the tribe, nation, language or continent, it would be an honor to go on an adventure to tell your story. Because ultimately, stories are what remain of us in the end.


Photo by Sean Flanigan


Polia - Hi Joshua,

Can you please send me your full Price list?

I live in Melbourne but will most likely be getting married just outside of Melbourne. No definite details as of yet, still in the organising stage.

Thanks so much!

Linda - Hi Josh,

Hope you’re well.

I randomly came across your page, and absolutely love your quirky take on wedding photography.

I’d love to receive a proper quote for September 8, 2013, if you’re available. My partner and I will be tying the knot in Sydney. The ceremony will be in Rosebay, and the reception will follow in Sylvania.

He is Greek, and I am Lebanese, so we’re looking for a photographer who can capture the craziness of both cultures in an unconventional and fun way.

Hope to hear from you.


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