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Jenna & Matt {South Coast Wedding}

So this happened. And it was wonderful. If photographers fought over weddings like teenage boys fought over girls.. this would be the kind of wedding I would gladly fight for. It all started on a freezing July morning on the South Coast of Australia. Two and a half hours of gorgeous countryside away from my Sydney home. Rolling hills and twisty roads are always the perfect place for me to get in the zone to take good pictures and I always have to hold myself back from pulling over every 5kms to take a landscape shot. Hanging out with the boys in the morning it was pretty clear there was gunna be a lot of great banter between the guys and the 40 minute combined best mans speech was probably one of the funniest speeches I have ever witnessed. The music at the ceremony was insanely beautiful as was the whole ceremony really. These guys have more musical friends than you can poke a stick at and I think there were 4 separate bands represented during the day.. probably more. I’ve included a song from Jenna’s band ‘Stockley‘ to listen to while you peruse through the full blog post. Also worth wrapping your ears around is Matt’s band ‘Gostwyck’

I think it’s probably time I stopped gushing about these amazing people and let you get to the photos. So that’s what I’ll do. Enjoy the music. And enjoy the images.

Also make sure you feast your eyes on the stunning video by my main man over at Til Death Do Us Party Wedding Films

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Tim & Christina {Southcoast Engagement}

There should be an extra word in the english language for the special unique joy you feel when you find out that two incredible people are about to get engaged. It’s not enough to say things like “overjoyed” or “ecstatic” they don’t give an accurate enough description of the warmth the fills your heart as all of those wonderful feelings well up inside you and you twitch with excitement and feel the relief of the years of waiting for the news you’re hearing in that very moment.

I owe the thoughts above to two people in particular recently. Tim & Christina. Watching their relationship blossom over the last .. oh who even knows how many years has been a great joy to me personally and I know for so many more people who’ve also been privileged enough to call these two friends.. both of them are incredibly talented kind and generous people and they’ve both achieved so much already as young humans and together they form and unstoppable duo.. whether Christina is crushing the medical world in her fist and outsmarting everyone on earth.. while Tim cruises around the world performing for big crowds and writing some of the most beautiful music your ears might ever hear. (We mustn’t forget Christina’s amazing musical prowess either..

These two have walked through so much together and their teamwork has been so so amazing to see. Tim was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and through many ups and downs they’ve fought side by side in that battle and Christina recently raised over $15,000 by shaving her head for the leukaemia foundation. These photos were taken the day before all her beautiful hair came off, just after they got engaged. The way these guys take everything in their stride was pretty well on show during the shoot as it began to pour down rain and they just laughed and hugged each other through the downpour..

I’m going to stop gushing about how wonderful these guys are now and let you look at some photos. but please enjoy one of my favourite Timothy James Bowen songs whilst you do.


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Paul - These photos are pure artistry, I love them all!

Joel & Bec {Intimate Tasmanian Elopement}

If there hasn’t been a manual written on how to have the most perfect intimate elopement celebrations… Joel & Bec’s amazing elopement in Tasmania could probably do a pretty good job of covering all the bases. Driving out to the property my excitement started to peak as we drove up the drive and saw the water behind the most beautiful house I think I’ve ever seen. I’d been trying to plot nearby photo locations to shoot at and as soon as we arrived I realised we really wouldn’t be needing any. The location was simply perfect and we had more than enough to choose from.

This elopement had everything… incredible handwritten vows, beautiful cliff top ceremony, tears.. so many tears. (Myself included) Then we found horses, smoke bombs, had a first dance in the middle of a field to some B.B King classics and a fire on the beach just to name a few of the highlights… Oh did I mention sparklers in an outdoor bath to end the night?! They picked a perfect off the grid venue a few hours out of Hobart to bunker down for a few days with their absolute nearest and dearest after road tripping down from Newcastle in their van, ‘the Gus Bus,’ with their young baby boy with them the whole trip. I’m going to stop writing now and let you enjoy the photos. As always this post is best enjoyed with your headphones on and the volume turned up to 11. (and maybe keep the tissues handy if you’re a sympathetic crier like me)

Wanna see more? The Amazing Nathan Kaso made an incredible film of the whole day which you can check out below!

Dress – Lover

Hair – Jess Manning Hair

Celebrant – Kim Oakhill

Florals – Film & Foliage

Makeup – Olivia Jones Makeup Artist

Silk Jacket – Songbird Silk

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Ben Warren - Killing it Josh – So intimate!!

Moore - Absolutely lovely, intimate shots!