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Beth & Simon {Emotional Southern Highlands Wedding}

I’ve been sitting on these photographs for months and months trying to think of the right words to accompany them. To find the right way to explain how deeply this wedding impacted me personally. Thinking that perhaps if I could find the right words that these images could carry more meaning… or perhaps I’ve just been trying to process it all myself. Either way, words are utterly insufficient to fully describe the beauty of real love. Love that gives generously and asks not what it can receive in return. Love that creates a union where two people are so focussed on serving each other that there’s no left to worry about whether you yourself are being served. Love like this is rare, and Simon has this love for Beth, and Beth for Simon… And it was truly a humbling experience to witness their wedding day at such close range as I was able to. I think in the end I realise words will never accurately describe how wonderful the love these two share is… and neither will my pictures. But I hope that everyone experiences love like this sometime in their life, because it’s truly beautiful.

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Jeremy x Lewis - Oh man Im not going to lie looking over these hit me right in the feels!

Great photos!

Alex Szczesniak - Brought tears of happiness to my eyes Josh. What a moving set of images. What a pleasure it would have been to be a part of this massive day for this beautiful couple.

Eliska - Awesome! Pure emotions and very sensitive capture dear colleague โค

Trish - Seriously Josh, these are so moving and I can see you have felt everything right there with them. What a blessing this must have been to be a part of. Thanks for sharing it with the world. x

Tanya Riches - Congrats to you both. This looks like an absolutely amazing day. Many blessings upon you! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Tim & Sherie {Southern Highlands Vow Renewal}

Sherie & Tim are some of the most inspiring creatives I’ve ever met and I had such a blast shooting such a special occasion for these two. Don’t be fooled by their smooth, young skin, these two have been married for 10 years now and I was so excited when I received Sherie’s email saying they wanted to do something special to renew their vows.

For most people I think the idea of the perfect location to renew their vows might look a little different from this abandoned brewery in the back roads of the Southern Highlands. I’ve been so blessed to shoot in so many interesting places lately and this was a wonderful unique challenge to photograph. Maybe not for my camera.. but for my body. We climbed 4 storeys of the building with no stairs or fixed ways to get from level to level and the rain was pouring in through the holes in the roof in a lot of places so it was pretty slippery and mouldy. The floorboards were falling apart in most of the floor so we had a lot of fun as you’ll see, scaling the building to find the perfect spot for them to exchange some beautiful vows they’d written. (Tim being the amazing creative he is wrote his in texta.)

Anyway enough rambling from me I think. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking from here on out. (And as always this post is best enjoyed with your headphones on and the volume turned up to 11)

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Joel & Bridgette {Tasmanian Adventure Elopement}

Six; hours of driving, five; magnificent mountain lakes, four; photo locations, three: hours of hiking, two people in love, one; epic elopement

This was by far the most adventure packed day I’ve ever been involved in with camera in hand. It will never get old charging up hiking trails with a beautiful bride and groom while proper serious hikers in their crazy hiking gear and walking poles look on with disbelief. Joel & Bridgette I think you guys officially win the award for most brave and adventurous couple I think I’ve ever photographed thus far. Running off to Tasmania with you guys to capture your elopement was so so special and I’m forever grateful that you chose me to be a part of such an intimate occasion. I do forgive you for the sore legs I had the next day after that intense hike but I think the photos we got just made it so worth while.


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