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Tim & Christina {Southcoast Engagement}

There should be an extra word in the english language for the special unique joy you feel when you find out that two incredible people are about to get engaged. It’s not enough to say things like “overjoyed” or “ecstatic” they don’t give an accurate enough description of the warmth the fills your heart as […]

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Jessica & Jacob Cliff-top Engagement

I feel like I’m starting to say this a lot but these two were just so so lovely in front of the camera. If we’re honest there’s an awkwardness when someone points a camera at you. I’ve felt it. I think most of us have. But there are some couples who just have this wonderful […]

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2015 A Retrospective

Oh man, where do I start. This year has been incredible for so many reasons and I’d lie if I said it wasn’t hard for a bunch of other reasons. I feel like this year was the year I really grew the most in my craft. I finally started coming home from weddings with a […]

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